I’m Sophia. I’m a language teacher, teacher trainer, materials developer, editor and sometime-writer currently based in Singapore, though I’m from the UK originally and also spent many years in France and Australia.

You can find me on Twitter fairly often (@sophiakhan4) blathering about language, learning, teaching, words, editing etc. I am also a founding and active member of the #AusELT community of English language teachers, which currently operates through a blogTwitter hashtagFacebook page, and wiki.

This blog is called languagelearningteaching because I’m also interested in

  • all aspects of language: how/why it evolved, how the brain processes different aspects of language, cross-cultural communication, how different modes of use affect language, how language develops and is used within and between communities, how it is used to achieve goals or mask intentions, the way it influences (or is influenced by) identity and sense of self, etc.
  • all aspects of learning: memory, repetition, mentorship, motivation, adaptive learning, styles and techniques, etc.
  • all aspects of teaching:  methodology, approaches, classroom management, group dynamics, presentation skills, the flipped classroom, etc.
  • all aspects of the language/learning/teaching industry: management, leadership, assessment, standardised testing, pay, qualifications, standardisation, teacher training etc.

I get pretty nerdily excited about all this stuff, but I do also have another life, where I am not a rabid teacher, which you can read about here should you wish.

Thanks for reading 🙂

2 responses

  1. Fantastic Sophia, really looking forward to reading your blog. Just what I need to remind me of all the reasons why I love teaching and learning. Keep up the superb work!

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